1. Transistor - Launch Trailer:

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    GIF: Ellie from The Last of Us running with her trusty brick and knife! Apparently, I’m playing with crude GIF animation now??

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    So here it is: the pirate bay bundle. You can also watch the trailer if you haven’t seen it This has taken me so much longer than I ever anticipated. I’ve been stuck in the thick of this for so long that I thought I would never see the light and even when I did,…

  7. good morning #tempe #arizona

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    John Carpenter’s “They Live Tweet”

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    If the dictum of good writing is “write what you know,” what do women and people of color know? What dreams and nightmares do they have? What are their battles and fantasies? What stories aren’t we hearing from them?


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    Krs One

    The teacher

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    Converse x The Simpsons

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    How True Detective Predicted McConaughey and Harrelson’s Career

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  13. I’m starting to see a trend in #banksy


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    lord sketch genius owl helmet.

    taking knowledge, and they are none the wiser.